• Pick a quiet place to record our interview. (Tip: find a space that is small and absorbs sound – like a closet or a bedroom; avoid rooms with smooth surfaces like kitchens or bathrooms)
  • Test it by recording yourself briefly.
  • Is your audio clear? (Tip: Use an external dynamic mic rather than the built-in mic being sure that it is fairly close to your mouth.)
  • Is your camera clear? (Tip: use an external HD camera rather than the built-in camera)
  • Is your lighting good? (Tip: put a lamp with a bright LED bulb behind your camera so that your face is lit or use a clamp light – even if there is sunshine coming into the room)
  • Is your background distracting? (Tip: a simple plant over your shoulder or a blank wall works well)
  • Check your internet. (Tip: use an ethernet connection to provide stability)